New Connections/New Opportunities


The Sunset Park 197-a Plan, sponsored by Brooklyn Community Board 7 (CB7), sets forth a comprehensive framework for revitalization of the Sunset Park waterfront as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable resource that is closely related to, and serves the needs of, adjacent upland communities.

Sunset Park, located in Southwest Brooklyn, has played a significant role in the City’s development – both as a maritime and industrial center and as a gateway neighborhood for successive waves of immigrants. While Sunset Park’s industrial waterfront declined considerably in the 1960s and 1970s – largely as a result of global economic trends and development of containerized shipping - its strategic location on Upper New York Bay, extensive industrial infrastructure, access to a large local labor pool, and connection to major transportation networks serving New York City as well as the wider region, maintained its importance as a working waterfront. Economic development policies and programs put into place in the last two decades have generated substantial reinvestment in the area. Current industrial policies, aimed at diversifying New York City’s economy and supporting and strengthening its industrial base, have placed renewed emphasis on revitalization and full utilization of the waterfront. Sunset Park’s upland communities are completely disconnected from their waterfront and have, until recently, largely been excluded from discussions concerning development of this important economic and natural resource. CB7’s 197-a Plan provides both residents and businesses the opportunity to influence revitalization efforts and ensure that future developments on or adjacent to the waterfront benefit the local community as well as the city and region as a whole. (to read more, download a PDF below)

NOTE: Due to the length of the 197-a plan, whenever possible, we have excerpted sections for easy viewing. In the case of larger sections, such as Existing Conditions section, we have only summarized the section with a link to the PDF.

To download a PDF of the Brooklyn CB7 197-a intro, click here (section1-328K)
To download a PDF of the Brooklyn CB7 197-a full plan, click here (full-53MB)