Recommendations (excerpt)

New Connections, New Opportunities A 197-a Plan for the Sunset Park Waterfront

Community Vision
The Sunset Park 197-a Plan is built upon a vision of the Sunset Park waterfront as a sustainable mixed-use neighborhood that promotes regional and local economic development, fosters a healthy living and working environment, and reconnects upland residential communities to the water’s edge.

  • To promote industrial redevelopment and job creation in Sunset Park while retaining existing industrial jobs.
  • To maximize waterfront access and open space opportunities in combination with industrial and waterfront redevelopment.
  • To preserve existing industrial, commercial and residential uses and fabric in the area east of First Avenue.
  • To encourage development that places a minimal environmental burden on adjacent residential communities.
As you have read above, many sections of the 197-a plan have been excerpted or abbreviated for this website. To read the in-depth descriptions of the Recommendations section of this plan, please download the section PDF or the entire 197-a plan PDF.

The Recommendations section includes:
  1. Economic Development
  2. Transportation
  3. Enviroment and Public Health
  4. Open Space and Waterfront Access
  5. Housing
  6. Community Facilities and Services/Quality of Life
  7. Historic Preservation
  8. Distric Service Cabinet Recommendations
To download a PDF of the Brooklyn CB7 197-a Recommendations, click here (section 4-15.8MB)
To download a PDF of the Brooklyn CB7 197-a full plan, click here (full-53MB)